I get a lot of questions about my bag, and since I’ve now owned it for around 8 months I thought it was time to write a proper review.

My handbag is a large black Michael Kors Selma. I got a little bit carried away with shopping in Spain when I was there in January and bought it from the MK store in Valencia. It cost more than I ever thought I’d spend on a bag (around 400NZD I think) but I don’t regret a single cent.

The lovely Femke from Desired Cooking took these awesome pics!

I don’t care much for designer brand names, but what I do care about is quality. I bought this bag because I was sick of buying a new $50 handbag every 6 months or so when the old one started to look ratty and worn (I’m pretty tough on my handbags apparently). My Michael Kors Selma is in excellent condition still, despite my careless moments.

As is expected with a designer product it’s made very well, but I think the fact it’s made from hard-wearing saffiano leather is the reason it has held up so brilliantly. The textured look may not feel as luxurious as regular leather bags, but while a normal leather would have softened up and lost its shape by now, my Selma looks exactly the same as when I bought it. That’s the reason I went for this style over the MK Hamilton, which is also a lovely bag, but it changes shape quite dramatically over time.

The Selma has a very structured look that I love. It’s a pretty big bag, but because it’s wider than it is tall, it doesn’t feel overly large. And as an added bonus? It can fit my 13″ retina macbook in it (only with the zip undone, but that’s still a win in my book). The design is simple and classic. It’s a timeless style and goes with pretty much any outfit. I also love that it has minimal hardware; just a few gold touches here and there, nothing that will date or that I won’t like in a few years time.

Perfect sized bag for my 13″ Macbook. It can also hold my DSLR (though not at the same time as the laptop).

It’s one of those crook-of-the-arm bags which I thought I was opposed to at first, but I think its been good for me as I don’t put quite as many heavy things in as when I had a bag that hung off my shoulder, thus saving me a lot of shoulder and back pain. It also has a satchel strap that is super handy for when you need both arms free, but I tend not to need to use that unless I’m travelling (or playing frisbee golf in Queenstown…).

On the inside, it has pockets galore and a nice big space in the middle to hold a camera or a lunch container. Side note: I can’t stand when bags have a fabric divider down the middle. It may help you stay organised, but what are you supposed to do with larger items!? So not only is the Selma gorgeous, it’s also incredibly practical and perfectly suits my young-working-professional needs.

Two pockets on each side of the bag, plus an extra zip up section means I end up carrying far too many lipsticks around.

If you’ve been considering this bag, or even just thinking investing in a designer handbag in general I say go for it. I’m a person who is very cautious with her money and I rarely buy designer items when a cheaper version will do just fine, but this bag has been well worth the investment. It’s going to last me for years and it still feels special every time I pick it up. I read and watched a LOT of reviews before I made my purchase, so I wanted to add my review to the mix. I hope this post might help you make a decision, and if you have any questions, please leave them down below in the comments.

If you haven’t had enough of looking at me and my bag already, here’s a ‘What’s in my bag’ video that I posted back in January.

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